Diane Rehm Show Kicks off Holt Bio of LMA

October 27, 2009: Author Harriet Reisen’s Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women gets off to a flying start on its pub date with Diane Rehm’s interview and call-in show from Washington, DC. The syndicated NPR offering reaches some two million listeners. Subsequent bookings are a Harvard Bookstore-sponsored film-clip and reading with Director Nancy Porter at Cambridge’s Brattle Theatre on October 29; a 3 PM Sunday November 1 appearance at the Concord MA Bookshop; a Westport CT Public Library signing at noon on November 4; and a Boston Public Library evening event on November 10. To arrange a reading/signing/video event, contact us.


One Response to “Diane Rehm Show Kicks off Holt Bio of LMA”
  1. LMA Staff says:

    I’m so glad you appreciate the website. Unfortunately, we cannot update it regularly. Harriet Reisen

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