People Magazine asks, “Who Knew?”

The Little Women author smoked hash, had a crush on Thoreau and may have been manic depressive,” says People’s November 23, 2009 issue.

“Who knew?”

Washington Paper Lauds Biography

“Ms. Reisen is a master storyteller, enthused Marion Elizabeth Rodgers of The Washington Times about the author of Louisa May Alcott. “With compassion and insight, she propels readers on to the next adventure, sacrifice, tragedy and triumph… .that happy sense of discovery is your reward in reading this masterful work by this talented new biographer.”

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Alcott audiobook set for December 1, 2009

Tantor Media is finishing recording Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women and expects to have it in stores well before Christmas. Author Harriet Reisen is the narrator. Tantor Media is coming up fast in the audiobook world–it puts out 30-50 titles each month.