American Literature Association Meeting Holds Panel on Making of Louisa May Alcott Film; Hosts Screening

May 24, 2009: Scholar interviewees John Matteson and Joel Myerson joined Producers Nancy Porter and Harriet Reisen for a panel discussion and clips from the documentary at the Westin Copley Hotel in Boston sponsored by the Louisa May Alcott Society at the American Literature Association’s annual meeting. Professor Daniel Shealy, editor of numerous Alcott volumes and also an interviewee, was in the audience. Professor Mary Sheldon of Virginia Commonwealth University organized, and Sandra H. Petrulionis of Penn State Altoona introduced the panel. A late afternoon screening attended by a standing-room only audience greeted the film with great enthusiasm, and several commented that it was among the best documentary treatments of a literary figure they had yet seen.

American Masters Announces December 28 2009 Airdate for Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women

Susan Lacy, Executive Producer, commented that programming during the week between Christmas and New Year’s attracts big family audiences.

Confab of Henry Holt and Company, WNET 13/American Masters, and Alcott Team Held in “The Point” at New York’s Flatiron Building

April 16 2009: Nancy Porter and Harriet Reisen met with Holt Editor Jack Macrae, Associate Editor Supurna Banerjee, Maggie Richards of Marketing, and Maggie Sivon of Publicity; and from WNET Donna Williams, Don Lee, and Kellie Castruita Specter, to discuss joint marketing and publicity of the Louisa May Alcott film and book projects. Fittingly, the 3-way parley was held in the triangular conference room of the Flatiron Building, where publisher Macmillan, the parent company of Holt, is preparing to consolidate all its offices. The first joint effort to promote the film and book is a striking bookmark designed by Donna Holstein of Holt that features the book cover on one side and a still from the film on the other.

Garden State Film Festival Names Louisa May Alcott Best Family Feature

April 4 2009: Asbury Park, New Jersey’s famed boardwalk Convention Hall was headquarters for a weekend that featured a packed screening of Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women, followed by Q & A with the film’s writer and New Jersey native Harriet Reisen, who also won music video (with Tony Kahn) and song (with Jeanie Stahl) awards for “The Jersey Shore Song: Sing Me Clementine.”

Santa Fe Film Festival Holds 3 Screenings of Alcott Documentary to Meet Demand

December 5 and 6 2008: With Director Nancy Porter in attendance at three sold-out shows, the Southwest gave a warm welcoming premiere to the Northeast-based production about New England writer Louisa May Alcott.

Guangzhou China Festival Presents Louisa May Alcott Biopic:

Director Christina Xie, Screening Programmer of the Guangzhou (formerly Canton) China Festival GZ DOC reported an enthusiastic response to the January screening of the American Masters film about a writer beloved in China as the author of the widely-read Little Women. A more detailed report was in the works, she said.

Documentary Wins Grand Award of Providence Film Festival

August 9, 2008: Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women had its world premiere at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in Providence, RI. About 400 people turned out on a sunny Saturday afternoon to catch the documentary’s first outing and a Q & A with Director Nancy Porter and Writer Harriet Reisen. The five-star review in the Providence Journal began with a call-out over the masthead on the front page that read: “Louisa May Alcott is a Reel Festival Gem.”